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Extra Luxuries


Our optional food packs (which can be ordered upon booking) are sourced direct from Starveall Butchers shop which is a brand new shop based right here on the farm!  

Hereford Steak Night Pack

Breakfast Box

BBQ Pack

x 2 250g Sirloin Steaks

x 2 Peppercorn Sauce

500g New Potatoes

x 2 Flat Mushrooms

x 2 Large Tomatoes


Breakfast Box:

x 6 Smoked Bacon

x 6 Starveall Pork Sausages

x 4 Slices of Black Pudding

x 6 Dinton Farm Free Range Eggs

x 2 Large Tomatoes

x 6 Cup Mushrooms

x 1 Loaf Sliced Bread

x 1 Tin Baked Beans

x 4 Chicken  Kebabs

x2 Beef Burgers 

x4 Sausages

x2 Flavord Pork Steaks

x2  Burgers Rolls

A Selection Of Lettuce Tomatoes & Cucumber

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